On October 8, at Vanadzor Fine Arts Museum of the Vanadzor Urban Community opened an art project entitled "Inspiration from Gyumri" at the Gyumri branch of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia.
The art-loving public of Lori was introduced to the works of the best graduates of the Gyumri branch of the Armenian Academy of Sciences and Arts during their 25-year activity: painting, graphics, sculpture, alternative printing, etc.
At the opening, there was also an exhibition of 2021 fashion clothes of the modeling students of the Chair of Fashion Modeling of the ASAA.
2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Gyumri branch of ASAA. During these years, in the field of higher education in independent Armenia, there has been an institution of creating a high-value culture, educating and educating individuals, the permanent goal of which is the preservation and development of Armenian culture in the field of fine arts.
For a quarter of a century, in addition to the educational process, the Gyumri branch of ASAA has always pursued an active cultural policy in the region, organizing exhibitions, art projects, trainings, both in Armenia and abroad.
During these years, the Gyumri branch of ASAA has had a very strong cultural cooperation with the Vanadzor Museum of Fine Arts, holding numerous exhibitions for both students and professors.
The "Inspiration from Gyumri" project is a symbolic signal event of jubilee events on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Gyumri branch of ASAA.